EMpower's Resilience and Recovery Campaign

Support the lives of young people as they recover from the devastating ripple effects of COVID-19. A year in, the world has changed, but your help is needed now more than ever.

Donate today to empower the most marginalized young people with the tools and resources they need to remain resilient in the face of crisis. Your donation will be doubled* through matching by our generous challenge group, meaning your support will have double the impact! *Up to a total of $100,000       


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EMpower Champions of Youth

EMpower’s community came together last March for EMpower’s 11th Annual Champions of Youth Dinner, enabling EMpower to respond quickly to support direct, frontline relief to the COVID-19 pandemic.

One year later, as the world looks toward long-term recovery, young people are faced with new challenges:

  • Girls are dropping out of school with higher risk of never returning
  • Economies are stalled, making it particularly difficult for disadvantaged youth to find jobs
  • With crises and cases of abuse on the rise, mental health has taken a huge hit

In the face of these new hurdles, EMpower’s grantee partners are working harder than ever to support vulnerable young people and keep a generation from backsliding. Your donation will enable girls to continue their education, prepare vulnerable youth to face a changed economy, and support young people’s mental health. Learn more about how your donation will enable grantee partners to respond HERE.

Support our campaign for Resilience & Recovery by DONATING HERE!

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