The Standard Chartered Bank EM team is fundraising for EMpower!

Standard Chartered Bank is taking on the EM GIVES Challenge in an effort to empower 1,000 of the most marginalized young people in Latin America. As COVID-19 continues to overwhelm this region, we're stepping up to support the vulnerable youth that have been particularly affected by the global pandemic. 

For our team's challenge, Rob McNulty is taking on a weight loss challenge... Can Rob lose 10% of his body weight in 4 weeks?! 

It seems impossible, but he's in for the Challenge, and needs your support! 

Donate to sponsor his challenge and you'll receive fun weekly updates on Rob's progress. You won't want to miss this!

Join us as we take on this challenge for vulnerable young people in EM countries. Help us achieve our fundraising goal by donating to our page!

About EMpower:

EMpower – The Emerging Markets Foundation is a global philanthropic foundation focused on empowering marginalized young people in emerging market countries.

They partner with local, community-based organizations in 15 EM countries that enable young people’s successful transition into productive, healthy adulthood, developing the next generation of leaders.

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Standard Chartered's EM GIVES Challenge... Can Rob do it?

Friday 23rd Oct

Thank you to my Sponsors


Margaret Paul




Taylor Paul


Daniel Sabiston

Good luck!


Angie Tan

Good luck!


Abraao Dias Pinto


Michael Sit


Evan Walsh



way to go Rob!!! almost there!


Hunu Chae


Benjamin Harris


Yoshio Shimizu


Seira Wade


Rob Mcnulty

For the Kids


Mark Sagliocca

Go get em Rob!


Dan Burke


James Di Giovanna

Rob, good luck you can do it. James


Rohit Gulati

Good Luck!


Aditya Vohra

Good luck! All for a great cause


Marc Appel


Svetlana Stepcenkova

Good Luck Rob!


Leonardo Gomes



Love the video! Go Rob!


John Betz



This should be a piece of cake....GO ROB!!!! (actually don't!)


Thomas Fennell

Crush it RM


Cassandra Tran

Let's gooooo!!


Emily Fukunaga


Ariel Yu

goooo Rob!!


Lorelei Strasburger


Rebecca Mathieson


Julia Paley