Chris Balster

I'm fundraising for EMpower!

I am taking on the EM GIVES Challenge in an effort to empower 1,000 of the most marginalized young people in Latin America. As COVID-19 continues to overwhelm this region, I am stepping up to support the vulnerable youth that have been particularly affected by the global pandemic. 

Join me as I take on this challenge and help me achieve my fundraising goal by donating to my page! 

About EMpower:

EMpower – The Emerging Markets Foundation is a global philanthropic foundation focused on empowering marginalized young people in emerging market countries.

They partner with local, community-based organizations in 15 EM countries that enable young people’s successful transition into productive, healthy adulthood, developing the next generation of leaders.

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Building a book for the next EM Gives video, who wants to sponsor per putt made?

Tuesday 3rd Nov

VIdeo Update for my EM Gives Challenge

Saturday 17th Oct
Hi there EM community,
I'm raising money for EM Gives this year virtually.  I tried to come up with something fun and interactive, so please watch my video, understand what the challenge is, and open your wallet for these worthy charities.  I am going to post weekly videos as I build out my sponsorship book.  I think we can do a good job raising a meaningful amount of money to help solve some of the serious problems that exist in the places we invest.

Balster EM Gives Intro to my Challenge

Saturday 17th Oct

Thank you to my Sponsors


Barclays Corporate Contribution


Dan Jurkowitz

Great job Chase!


Ricardo Mora

Great work!


Ted Burke

Great challenge Chris. 10/10 do-able.



Cheers from Potts


William Connolly

Great work Chris!


Bill Connelly Corporate Match


Adam Groothuis


Anjali Prakash


Anjali Prakash Corporate Match


Aaron Tighe

You are 10 for 10 in my book. Nice job!


Chris Balster


Chris Balster Corporate Match


Oscar Lopes

Great way to raise funds for an important cause.


Staunton Peck


Justin Hughes


Nicholas Fessenden


Dan Gelfand


Evan Li


Vinny Medeiros


Matthew Clinton

one step closer, good luck


Osmin Rivera

Great cause, amigo!!!


David Lara


Sally Bartunek


Geoff August


Ashley Sinclair


Alexander Fernandez

Go Uncle Chris!!!!!!!! From Alexander ( + Diego & Elle)


Kerry Barr

Amazing work Balster! You've also given my husband an idea for the winter lockdown :)


Alex Atallah

Keep golfing


Charlotte Creager

Like the putting set up! and great cause!


Aaron Fernandes

Good luck, Chris!


Chris Pavacic


Jason Schleifer


Casey Laflamme


Thales De Freitas

Great initiative Bolu! Very creative my frd


Stuart Kasdin

Great Cause Chris. Stroke looks good...


Raffaello Trofa


Daniel Locastro


Matt Stapen

Well done!


Ben Kimble