Rekha Nair

Donate to support youth - and see our dance moves!

To my personal and professional friends,

My challenge today to raise as much money as I can for a cause that is dear to my heart. The most vulnerable young people in Latin America need our help, especially in the midst of COVID-19. They need to continue their education, achieve gender equality, prevent violence, and stay healthy.

This year EMpower is raising money digitally and I’m asking you to sponsor me. In exchange, my daughters and I will dazzle you with some of the awesome dance moves we have picked up during quarantine. 

Every $25 you donate buys you 1 vote for the song we dance to. $100 buys you 4 votes. Everyone who votes will get a chance to see the exclusive music video upon completion.

Here are your options:

Ahana’s pick: I Like to Move it (from the movie Madagascar)

Nyla’s pick: We Go Together (from the movie The Secret Life of Pets)

Mommy’s pick: I’m Still Standing (from the movie SING)

Type your vote into the "Message" feature when you donate. 

I’ll post the polling results daily so you can see if your song is in the lead. If not, fear not! You can always buy more votes.

Your support means a lot to us. Stay safe during these crazy times!



About EMpower:

EMpower – The Emerging Markets Foundation is a global philanthropic foundation focused on empowering marginalized young people in emerging market countries.

They partner with local, community-based organizations in 15 EM countries that enable young people’s successful transition into productive, healthy adulthood, developing the next generation of leaders.

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My Updates

The video you’ve all been waiting for.

Monday 30th Nov

Thank you!!!

Thursday 19th Nov
A giant thank you to everyone who donated! I have tallied up the votes and the winner is : I LIKE TO MOVE IT!

Stay tuned for the video. Wish us (mostly me!) luck. 


Monday 19th Oct

and the winner is: I LIKE TO MOVE IT!

Monday 19th Oct

Thank you to my Sponsors



You go grrrrrrrls!!!!!


Stefan Dannibale


Vina And Harish Purohit

Can’t wait to see the Video - Go Girls Love




Brian Rozen


Neel Purohit

Go get em girls! 6 votes for each song to get you started.


Team Staten Island


Hugo Novaro

I love the enthusiasm!!....and my votes goes to "I like to move it"


Paul & Pam Anagnostopoulos


Todd Bruno

Love them all !!!


Alvin Mojica

Wonderful cause


Chris Rong


Molly Duffy Burns



Gordian Kemen

Great cause, thanks for your initiative! My vote goes to "I like to move it".



Good Luck PRN


Mitch And Jodi Jacaruso


Jason Latorre

Ava can’t wait to dance with everyone!




Anya Diwan

Great cause! Pre-funding Anya's bake sale money.


Vito Lasalandra


Mike Cropano

I Like to Move It




Caroline Rose

Fantastic!! Rekha - I want to see your moves and I’m still standing please!!


Hadley And Emerson

Four votes for SING - our fav movie! A request for this dance performance to be on the roof though ;)


Jeanne Haney

I’m still standing! SING is the best 😊


Evan Walsh


John Urban

I like to move it!


Marcelo Menusso

Great initiative Rekha!



I want to see you move it! =)




Jj Park

I vote El Chapo


Pradeep Kumar





Arin Kornchankul

Show me the move! (song choice: I like to move it)


Jude Gorman



Let’s see those dance moves girls! Keep up the great work! - Sabrina, Osman & Elyaz


Jerry Ching

Cant wait to see the moves!


Chet Desai

I Like to Move it


Rupi & Cullen Jones

Go Rekha, Nyla and Ahana! We vote for “I like to move it” AND “we go together” 💕


Kashif Zafar

Good luck ladies!


Alberto Boquin

I feel like best dancer should pick so "we go together"




Jordan Lange

Great stuff! June’s pick is from SING


George, Hazel And Bennett Berg


Viraj Narayanan

Way to go Rekhs, Ahana, and Nyla!!! Much love, Anjali, Viraj & Niam



Great cause! 2 votes for “we go together” and 2 votes for “I like to move it” please.




Vivi, Mira & Stan

Can't wait to see the dance! We vote for I'm Still Standing. Love, Vivi, Mira & Stan


Aarti Mahtani



Hana’s pick!





Looking forward to the video!!


Tessa Newland

Let’s go girls!! Can’t wait to see the dance moves! Voting for we go together


Liz Cardoza

We go Together-


Matt And Young

Great cause ladies!


Robert Guatafson

Moms song


Leonard Bell

Can't wait to see you dance to MC Hammer!


Svetlana Stepcenkova


Maryalice Guralchuk

Sending love


Rishi Babbar


Shailee Stone

Gorgeous girls - well done!!!


Reena Raja

Well done girls! Such a great effort. Can’t wait to see the moves xxxx


Briana Tye

People like you help make the world a better place. I am happy to be a part of your growing charity!


Frances Pires

i want to see that vid - I like Ahana's pick


Kashmira Parikh


Anil C. Purohit

I love Aahna's pick !! Can't believe she can dance already? When did she come out of the baby sling :) My love to both Nyla and Aahna !!


Alistair Backhouse

Sounds like a great cause Neel, very happy to help out.